Friday, October 4, 2013

Blogging Less and Making Time for the Rosary

I haven't been blogging very much lately. I just haven't had time. We have had a few very busy weeks now that fall has begun. Noah joined youth group. St. Anne's Mom's Group is in full swing again and then there is school and life in general. Just keeping up with laundry has been a full time job.

Madonna of the RosaryOn the upside, we have been making new friends and listening more to the will of God instead of our own will. We took some time off school to go to Mass twice this week. We also re-joined the Totus Tuus Rosary Makers in making rosaries for the missions. It was so nice to be back after such a long break. We can't go weekly, but we are really going to try to make an effort to at least make it to a meeting once a month.

This month is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. I have been busy making rosaries and praying rosaries. I need to update my shop desperately. I have been a terrible shop keeper in that department. My forte is in making and shipping and not in marketing. This tenner is one of the items that I have yet to have time to list in the shop. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Our Lady knows that I try to do her work, but she also know that I have a little family to tend to. But, Our Lady managed to arrange for us to make rosaries with some of the most precious people that I have ever met. It was a treat to be asked to join some residents of the Father Lacombe Care Center. Yesterday, Noah helped a 99 year old woman make rosaries for the missions. Watching them interact was priceless. Maria was helping an older German gentleman make rosaries. He even spoke some German with her. I am one happy mama. I have never felt so blessed before as I did yesterday. The elderly are such a treat to work with. I plan on making time to go there on a weekly basis. I thank Our Blessed Mother for this opportunity. She has really become present in my life again.

I will not lie and say that I pray my rosary beads every day like a devout Catholic mama. I don't. I try to, but I fail constantly. I go through periods of praying regularly and periods where I struggle to pray a single bead. It is my fallen human nature, I guess. The rosary is always there and so is Our Blessed Mother.

During this month of the Rosary, I pledge to try harder to pray my rosary and also to encourage the whole family to pray more. Will you pray with us? Do you have any intentions that you would like us to pray for?

God Bless Friends.
Holly Hobbie - friends

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