Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Little Chaplet of Saint Anne

Saint Anne de Beaupre.It has been a little over a month since I opened an Etsy shop. I sell homemade rosaries and chaplets. It is a great way for me to be creative and serve the Lord. I didn't realize how much fun I would have making the rosaries. I love to make rosaries and chaplets and I especially like to add my own touch which includes lots of 'bling'. I know that a rosary doesn't "need" to be fancy, but pretty rosaries are so nice to pray with.

When I decided to open a shop that sells rosaries and chaplets, I knew that I needed to make a product that stands out a little. So many people sell rosaries, which is amazing. I am in awe at the beautiful rosaries that people make and sell on Etsy. When I bought my supplies, I bought a lot of crystal beads. I figured that they would go with any other kind of bead, but I was in no way prepared for how dressy they make a rosary. I hope that I don't sound like I am bragging, I am just really excited.

This is a picture of a rosary that I recently sold in my shop. Do you see the crystal beads that separate the Hail Marys? That is what I am talking about. 

Now, when I opened up the shop, I also intended to make some chaplets. A few years ago, one of my favorite bloggers wrote about the Saint Anne chaplet and her devotion to Saint Anne. She spoke so lovingly of Saint Anne and how the wonderful Saint found and assisted her through especially tough times in her life. She even has a link to a number of Saint Anne prayers that you can find right here. I remember her linking to a tutorial on how to make a Saint Anne chaplet. At the time, I made a chain link rosary type chaplet. It was very simple and not at all like the strung chaplet by Alice Cantrell. This chaplet and in particular Saint Anne helped me through my pregnancies and miscarriages.

Saint Anne is the mother of Our Lady and grandmother of Our Lord. She has been invoked by many and is a special patron of mothers, homemakers, childless women, grandmothers, women in labor, cabinet makers, seamstresses and Canada. The chaplet of Saint Anne was composed during the late 1800's, but the exact author remains unknown. The chaplet consists of 3 groups of 5 beads, separated by a single bead.

You pray the chaplet as follows:

You begin on the first bead following the medal of Saint Anne, on which the Our Father is recited. 

The first group of five beads honors Jesus. On each of the five beads you pray a Hail Mary and you also say: Jesus, Mary and Saint Anne, grant the favor I request (mention your request)

The second group of five beads honor Mary and you pray one Our Father and then five Hail Marys and after each one say: Jesus, Mary and Saint Anne, grant the favor I request (mention your request)

The third group of five beads honors Saint Anne and you pray one Our Father and then five Hail Marys and after each one say:Jesus, Mary and Saint Anne, grant the favor I request (mention your request).

O God, be with us in our time of trial. Protect us, Lord, from every evel. Good St. Anne, you were especially favored by God to the mother of the most holy Virgin Mary, the mother of our Savious. By your power with the most pure daughter and her divine Son, kindly obtain for us the grace and favor that we now seek. Please secure for us also forgiveness for our past sins, the strength to perform faithfully our daily duties, and the help we need to persevere in the love of Jesus and Mary. Amen.

Good Saint Anne, pray for us.

Have a great weekend friends and may you and your family be richly blessed.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Stash Bash

This week's Stash Bash is a little different. I am using my stash to participate in Kids Clothes Week. I have never participated in Kids Clothes Week before, so I am not really sure how it goes. From what I understand, you spend one hour a day making kids clothing for the entire Kids Clothes Week April 22nd-April 29th 2013.

I found out about this last week. I was so sick and longing to sew that I made plans. This time around it is Maria's turn to get some nice clothes. It is hard finding patterns for older kids, but I was determined. We picked up a few $0.49 patterns at the thrift store a while back. We are going to be using those to make a dress and a skirt. I also combed etsy for some cute big girl patterns.

So far, I managed to sew two Sweet Cheeks Tops and cut out the material for the dress from our thrift finds. I have plans to make some skorts using this pattern and a t-shirt or two using this pattern. Maria and I have been collecting fabric for a while. I don't usually make a lot of things from knits, so this is a learning experience. I really hope that I can get all of the things made. Maria won't really need any new clothes for a while (apart from intimates). I am not putting myself under pressure and just using nap time. It will probably take two or three weeks, but that is ok. Maria is excited and loves to model all of her new things.

The two tops that I have managed to sew thus far are made from material that we thrifted a long time ago. These tops cost less than a buck or two to make. It doesn't get any better than that. I hope to make some more of these in the future. Maria loves that they are so comfortable. I need to remember to buy more elastic because I used up my last bits.

Stop by Tricia's blog for this week's Stash Bash and if you have time, check out the Kids Clothes Week blog for inspiration.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to the Daily Grind

Well, I hope that we can finally get back to the daily grind. We have been sick for long enough. It all started on Easter Monday and the last coughs are still ringing in our hallways. I got it last and was hit the hardest. I am still fighting hives. Yes, hives!!! Weird ending to my cold included a very itchy, driving me crazy bought of hives. I had to take really strong meds to manage them, but they turn me into a very drowsy, tipsy, drunk-like zombie that my kids take advantage of. I am trying to wean myself off of them because I can't mother or school kids while intoxicated.

In the midst of the sickness, we ordered a few pieces of furniture and began renovating a few rooms in this house to make the most of our precious space. I don't have any pictures yet, bet I am very excited to show you some. Hubby did an awesome job on the master bedroom and now we have a little retreat. We still need to hang some pictures, but it is looking really good so far.

Easter was awesome! Hubbs and the two oldest kids are now confirmed. The Easter Vigil was trés stressful for me, who was stuck with the two littlest in a pew behind the candidates. I was wedged between to other families and had to hobble over someone each and every time the baby fussed or someone needed to go potty. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. I am so proud of my sweetheart and the kids. Owen was a trooper, too. He has a hard time staying awake past his bedtime and almost slept through his First Communion.
My sweetie all dolled up. This is a rare sighting. Hubby doesn't usually do ties.

Noah and his sponsor in front of the water font.

Maria and her sponsor in front of the water font.

Owen was a little tired and making goofy faces. This is the best shot of them all believe it or not?

Our Easter family photo. Patrick whipped out the shades real quick before saying cheese. Oh well, at least he smiled. I am hoping the photos taken by the photographer before Mass turned out a little better.
And since I haven't blogged for a dog's age, I thought I would share a picture of the hot cross buns that we made. They were from a new paleo recipe that we tried and were very yummy. Too yummy not to share at least a little picture of.

On Easter Monday, just hours before the first sick victim fell, we went to the library. Our local branch was gearing up to do some major renovations and had a book sale. We brought home these three bags full of treasures. You were allowed to fill a bag with as many books as possible for a mere $6.00. We didn't think we would even fill one when we walked in. They told us that they didn't have any children's books for sale.

This is the stack of crafting books.
This a really neat find about painting icons.
This and that.
Now, we go back to the regular school, play and home humdrum. That's ok for me because I am glad it isn't what it has been, cough, cough. That means that I can get some nap-time sewing in again. This week is Kids Clothes Week and I have plans. I will share more later this week.  

God bless and thanks for the prayers and well wishes. You were all in my thoughts and prayers.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

still under the weather

I can't believe that we are still sick. Tomorrow we will begin our third week of flu, colds, ear infections, headaches and nasty coughs. Hubby has been hit real hard. He doesn't get paid sick leave, so he is going to try to work tomorrow and I always worry about him when he does. He once went to work with 103F fever.

This is the card I would love to give my retro man:

Vintage "get well soon" greeting card

But this is probably more like it, I am such a wimp. I think it is because when dad is down, I get sick and then am drastically outnumbered.

Sad Puppy - 1940s Get Well Greeting Card

Patrick our resident three year old has an ear infection and is on anti-biotics. I feel so sorry for him. And his poor little nose crusts over completely when he sleeps. I hate having to pry it free, but you have to sometimes do these little things to make your loved ones feel better.

The baby is battling a fever now, too. He nursed almost all night long. He is just so helpless and his eyes are all red and drippy. Poor little guy.

The bigger kids are on the mend and are really trying to help as mom rests with a headache and terrible sore throat. They are at a great advantage when mom periodically throughout the day loses her voice. You sure can tell that they are feeling a bit better because they have started back at the bickering.

I am a whiner, I know. We haven't a soul to help us out here. I wish in times like these that we had a grandma, aunt or good friend who would come over, bring us food or take the healthy ones (so that they can deal with the bickering). We chose to move here to give our children a better future, to homeschool them yadayadayada, but sometimes it is really hard. I am just going to keep hoping and praying that all will be well soon. If I could send us a card, it would look like this:

VINTAGE Ephemera  Get Well Soon Card by thevintagemode on Etsy, $3.50

God Bless friends.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Grab the Kleenex

Vintage Kleenex ad.

Since Easter Monday, the kids have been taking turns getting fevers and coughs. Sorry if we haven't been returning emails and blogging much lately. This seems to be a really tough bug to get rid of. Owen in particular has been battling high temps for 5 days now. So if you don't here from me, I'm wiping noses and cuddling lots. God Bless, friends.
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