Monday, May 17, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ May 17, 2010.

Outside my window…the sun is shining brightly and it is warm.

I am thinking…that I want to get a lot of unfinished ends tied up. Plant pumpkin seeds, plant some bird seed with the kids, clean the house (lol, a few things hopefully) and find time to read.

I am thankful for…a garden hose. The quickest way to wash off mud before it is brought into the house.

From the learning rooms…study of wolves, writing, Canadian studies and finishing up the rest of the Seton homeschool program.

From the kitchen…leftover chicken chili (yummmm) with rice. Daddy sure makes a great chili.

I am wearing…black capris and a button-down grey t-shirt. That will probably change soon. Paddy always seems to throw up all over me at least twice a day. Acid reflux just isn't any fun.

I am creating…lesson plans for this coming fall. The shopping list is written, the books I am using are all figured out, now all I have to do is write a master plan. It is a combination of Mater Amabilis Levels 1A and 2 and a combination of materials I already own. I can't wait to finish planning and actually get started.

I am going…to the gym four to five times this week. I joined Curves almost three weeks ago to get fit and strive toward a healthy bodysize and to have some mommy time. I tried working out at home, but dirty dishes, unfolded laundry and a fussy baby always seem to convince me to stop. Getting out for an hour a day has increased my energy levels, helped me lose two inches of my abdomen and boost my self-image.

I am reading…My First History of Canada by Donalda Dickie. This will be our main resource for Canadian History next term. I am also reading When Children Love to Learn by Elaine Cooper. After using Seton Homeschool for this past year, I am yearning to go back to more of a Charlotte Mason type of home school atmosphere.

I am hoping…to have a productive week.

I am hearing…the baby and Mia playing. Actually, the baby is beginning to fuss.

Around the house…always lots to do, but it is not too bad.

One of my favorite things…a cup of coffee with daddy after he gets home from work. I am not a coffee drinker per say, but I love the social aspect. Just sitting down with him to discuss our day when he comes home over a fresh brewed cup of java is bliss.

A few plans for the rest of the week…art class Wednesday, visit from my uncle sometime this week and hopefully going to Heritage Park for it's opening this coming weekend.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…the baby and I (I actually had time to do my hair for once, it is usually quite the mess)

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The New Sandbox

Daddy is pretty handy with his hands. I love having a handyman for a husband. His day job is painter and he loves his job, but when we first moved to Canada he had to work in construction. Since then, he has gotten more confident with a skill saw in hand. This past weekend, we had lovely weather and daddy was busy fixing our front and back gates that were always a nightmare to open and shut and fixing up the kids bikes. He also built a flower box to replace an old damaged one.

A few weeks ago (before our spring snow), daddy built an awesome sandbox. I was so busy with the baby, that I haven't had my hands free to blog. It was a two day project from the magazine Backyards for Kids. On a limited budget, our full sun backyard needed something for kids and provide shade. Our garden hasn't been as successful as I had hoped, so daddy and I ripped it out to make room for the new sand box. This is the end result... I love it and it has been home to the kids after school work is done for days now. Since it was built, daddy has built a gang plank, which is not seen on these pictures.

Paddy is Three Months Old

Where has the time gone? The first few months were a little rough, but things are going a little smoother now. My darling is three months old! He is smiling and laughing a lot and loves interaction with his older siblings. Nursing him is much easier now and he is even starting to get chubby in all the right places. For the longest time, he wasn't gaining enough weight. The doctor didn't seem too concerned, since he was quite alert and had a beautiful skin colour and tone. He is an easier baby now. He still co-sleeps (something I had never dreamed of doing). It is not that I was against it, I just never felt comfortable doing it. The older kids always slept in their bassinets or cribs. Paddy loves to sleep in our bed and refuses to sleep elsewhere at night. During the day he sleeps in our arms or if we are lucky, in the stroller. The new stroller has been a "God send". It frees me up to get a few things done or a meal on the table. It isn't the ideal sleeping place in my mind, but I am thankful for 20 minutes of babylessness here and there. I love holding him, don't get me wrong, but 24/7 is a little much. So now here are some pics of our three month old...

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